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Apr 02, 2013 at 07:36 AM

Value difference with 309 movement type


Dear Experts,

Below is the scenario

309 movement type is being used for transfer of stock from one material to another but the UoM is different for sending and receiving material. Std SAP will not allow this process as it will shown an error message and the same is converted to information message to carryout the transaction. Subsequently entries were posted to using this movement type.

While posting the entries, in the receiving material, two amounts got posted. One with the UoM of the receiving material and one with the UoM of the sending material. But only one accounting document got generated (one with the UoM in the receiving material) and as such there is difference in Value as per MB5B (MM Value) and MC.9 (FI Value) and the same is carried to FI balances as well. The amount is something around 3 million (30 lakhs). As a result of this in MC.9 (whose value is tallying with FI balances) is showing negative amounts for receiving material.

Now that movement type is blocked for posting. But the value difference is being still shown.

How to address this value difference? This needs to be addressed at the earliest, so kindly advise.