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Apr 02, 2013 at 07:08 AM

Vendor liabilities customised aging report


Dear Experts,

My client needed Vendor Liabilities Report month wise for 12 Months as system Vendor Liabilities Aging report show only four months reports and rest of in cumulative bal. so client was needed a report in for almost 12 months criteria as we have some of internal vendor groups for example 'A' is head Company and 'A1' , 'A2', 'A3' are groups with 'A' and when we generate Vendor Aging Report monthly then we need to exclude these groups companies in this report and report should something like this :

report for A Company

Month, Total Liabilities, Vendor A, Vendor B, Vendor C, Bal.

April 10,00,000.00, 1,00,000.00, 50,000.00, 50,000.00, 8,00,000.00

May 15,00,000.00 , 50,000.00, 2,00,000.00, 2,00,000.00 , 10,50,000.00

as on..till selected month..

Any suggestion would be very appreciating.

Thanks in advance