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Apr 02, 2013 at 03:57 AM

Transfer Sales Order from client to client


Hi All,

I am trying to transfer sales order from one sap to other sap system.Here i am using ale idoc process.In the system there are some sales orders,i need to transfer that to other system.we configured message type and added out put types as ALE and it is sending idoc to other sap system and it is not creating automatically so in debug mode i can run that and creating sales order.Here i am facing some issues like

1) Condition types like (ZJPR) manual condition type for base and insurance is not transferring,and i can not see in this in outbound idoc.

2) Will it create sales order automatically or do we need run manually.

All valuable suggestions are welcome.if it not a right place then i can move this to ABAP Connectivity.