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Apr 02, 2013 at 01:20 AM

CHARM process flow - normal change with project in Test phase


i am currently on SMP 7.1 SP6.

i am on a DEV --> TEST --> QA --> PRD model for managed system.

i am using a CHARM maintenance project to manage the phases of the project.

I change the phase of charm project to "Test".

In the 'Test' phase for normal change (SMMJ) transaction type; the system blocks the action "Pass Normal Change to test" and greys out "Test Transport" option. Which implies that the TEST/QA systems is in freeze and no new change can be imported to TE/QA system.

My question: is there an option where the system allows the migration of transports to TE system only ?

i understand the concept of freeze but in my scenario (requirement) i need to continuously migrate the changes to TE system only and the freeze will apply to QA system only. Basicly transport of copies can be migrated to TE system. i am also ok, if we have an option for "Test Transport" with the status of normal change staying in 'In Development'.

Any help will be really appreciated.