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Apr 01, 2013 at 01:18 PM

Error from MDM while transferring item to shopping cart



I'm working with MDM to create some internal catalogs that will be used with our new SRM implementation but I'm hitting an error while trying to transfer the catalog item into the cart.

Order of events:

1) Pull up SRM and click SHOP

2) Click on my MDM catalog name and the list of items setup in that MDM catalog pull back just fine. Descriptions/price/etc all appear to be correct.

3) Select an item and click "Add to Cart"

4) Click "Check Out"

5) SRM Throws the following error: " java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Field with ID 'F205_127006' is not Lookup field of table 'T1', so any action on Lookup field can not be evaluated"

Up until step 4 above, everything looks ok. While creating the MDM catalog, we did delete the lookup field "External Manufacturer", saved that change, then re-created that field as a basic text field with the same "Name" and "Code". Since this is the only field that we've changed, I went into the GUI for that catalog and removed the mapping for that field in hopes that that would fix the problem but it hasn't so far.

Has anybody hit this error before? Any thoughts on the best way to try and debug/resolve this? The Field that the error references is too generic to be useful at all in trying to figure out what it thinks is missing.

I'm attaching a screenshot of the error below.

Thanks for you help as always.



Capture.PNG (46.0 kB)