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Apr 01, 2013 at 10:47 AM

Dynamic action to put an infotype in copy mode


Not as Can we make an infotype appear in copy mode using a dynamic action only on a specific condition. In dynamic actions are there any operator like "If" & "Else"?

Scenario: Intl Admin runs basic hire (0,2,1) and the PERNR generated is used to run the full hire action by local country HR. So when the local HR runs the full hire with a specific action reason code, IT0002 should appear in change (MOD) mode otherwise with all other reason codes it has to be in create (INS) mode.

Since IT0002 is a key hire infotype for all the countries I dont want to remove this from Hire infogroup but add it using a simple dynamic action. So is there any dynamic operation that achieves copy of IT0002, IF a specific reason code is used or Else put the infotype in the mode it was entered in T588D?