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Aug 22, 2005 at 06:54 PM

Setting Permissions in KM through the API


I am currently trying to code an application that:

1. Will build out a folder hierarchy in a repository

2. Apply permissions from an XML file

Due to the size of our KM structures (over 500 factories with many permissions groups) the web based UI has become too burdensome.

We are using 6.0 SP2 of the portal (with planned migration to NW04 within a year)

This application will be "front ended" with an iView that will allow me to upload the XML file that contains the folder hierarchy and permissions.


The questions are:

1. Since the repository already exists, do I need to create a manager or can I simply create the application?

2. Has anyone done this before in EP6?

3. I have read:

"How to develop with the KM and the repository framework APIs"


"Implementing a Repository Manager"

It all seems straight forward... are there any good code samples that demonstrate creating a folder and applying permissions to it?

Thanks for any help! It is a bit bewildering to sort through all of the technologies avaliable in the portal so any suggestions are welcome.