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Apr 01, 2013 at 05:41 AM

How does the HCM integration really works?


Hi all

This is the first time I am setting up HCM integration in IDM and I need your advice. So far, I have installed the main identity store. The MX_PERSON is populated by the company ldap. The ABAP and JAVA initial load has been run which brought in the R/3 and java roles from the ECC and EP systems and then mapped to the MX_PERSON. I have also installed the HCM_Staging_Area and the VDS

I am hoping to bring in the positions from the ECC HCM and have followed the "Identity Management for SAP System Landscapes: Configuration Guide". After I run the program RPLDAP_EXTRACT_IDM and bring in one single employee as a test, I got the following error on the job "Write HCM Employee To SAP Master":

Exception from Add ToIDStore.addEntry failed storing entry 'MX_PERSON'. IDStore returned error message: " Entry type missing for entry:null" when validating entry

Exception from Modify ToIDStore.modEntry failed updating entry 'MX_PERSON'. IDStore returned error message: "Entry does not exist" when fetching entry

Here is the data according to the log(I put the XXXX to mask out the data):

P0105-SYHR_A_P0105_AF_SYSUNAME [19000101-99991231]XXXX

P0002-SOURCE_SYSTEM [19000101-99991231]TRNCLNT800


hashedPassword ********************************

encryptedPassword ************************************************************


P0001-TEXT_P0001_PLANS [19000101-99991231]XXXXX|[19000101-99991231]XXXXX

MSKEY 12386


The data itself looks good to me. I have been trying to follow SAP's javascripts and it is frustrating to follow other people's code. I guess I am confused about the following:

1) When VDS sends the data to IDM, does it go into the HCM_Staging_Area first and write into the MX_HCM_EMPLOYEE? I tried to change the UI to the HCM_Staging_Area and saw no data. What does the VDS do exactly as I don't see any error in the operation tab in VDS?

2) In the pass "Write HCM Employee To SAP Master", should the job write the position data to MX_PERSON in HCM_Staging_Area or the real identity store?

3) The position seems to be written into attribute MX_FS_POSITION_ID. We are trying to replace the classic OM role provisiong using pfud. In IDM, how do you map it to a role/privilege so that we can provision the r/3 or portal roles back?

Your help is much appreciated.