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Apr 01, 2013 at 12:57 AM

Material Ledger / Revaluation of accounts GI 261 (gbb-vbr) and GR Production Order 101 (GBB-AUF)


Hi ML Friends.

In some countries like Peru, companies have to create aditional to BalanceSheet and Profit and Loss stament, some reports including the Goods issues for production *gbb-vbr* and Goods Receipts for production *gbb-auf* valuated at actual cost (at account level).

I try to simulate this at period end closing with PRV modificators PNL and PPL, but i found 2 problems.

1. The PRV post is done with the Category valuation of the produced material, so the consumption 261 is not revalated with its original account, the GR is correctly revaluated. No big deal with this.

2. Stock transfer Orders between plants and other movements are considered multilevel, so also post in the ML close with PRV. This is my problem!

My question is:

Can I post PRV (+ PNL and PPL ) multilevel for Stock Transfer Orders (and other goods movements different than production) with other account ? I was debugging the ML close in order to find something to identify this scenario and do a 'sustitution' with an enhazament point but i couldnt find anything in the FI document creation step that tellme the post comes from STO and not for production.

any idea will be nice!

PS. the easy way to accomplish this is revaluating at Category Valuation level all the goods movements 261 and 101 with a Z report, then calculate the difference between the actual post in the accounts in FI and the Z revaluation, and then post with a FI document.

Indeed, i want the ML close create the offset for production GI and GR, but if no other option i have to create the Z report and post the difference manually.


PP/CO-PC consultant.