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Mar 31, 2013 at 09:23 AM

Challenge in BEx reporting - combine two infoproviders


Dear All

I have 2 DSO's and reports over the 2 DSO,

1st DSO Report:

costcenter1 costcenter2 costcenter3

cost_element amount amount amount

Costelement in rows & costcenter in columns ( query designer )

2nd DSO report :

project1 project2 project3

cost_element amount1 amount2 amount3

Costelement in rows & project in columns ( query designer )

Now user wants to combine these reports and presnt the data in single report in the structure given below,

costcenter1 costcenter2 costcenter3 project1 project2 project3

cost_element amount amount amount amount1 amount2 amount3

Now i am able to combine the data using Multiprovider and Infoset, but i am unable to bring the data in the structure requested by the user because,

  • I am unable to split the keyfigure between the costcenter and project, always the KF's comes under one structure only.Please see the screen shot attached
  • Also when i include both costcenter and project in the columns, project comes under the costcenter which is not desired as per the layout suggested by the user.

Is there any way out? Please help me gurus.


Bex.png (102.6 kB)