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Mar 30, 2013 at 05:35 PM

calling secure web service



I need to consume a secure service but before doing this i need to be authenticated by way of a login certificate.

I have uploaded the client certificate provided into STRUST. When i try to create the client proxy classes by way of the service consumer wizard i receive the below error.

"HTTP error(return code 404, message "connection failed")

URL for the WSDL file is

If i navigate to the URL i am presented with the upload certificate and then continue on to see the wsdl file.

on further investigation SMICM trace file shows below...

[Thr 5452] Sat Mar 30 17:23:12 2013

[Thr 5452] *** WARNING => Connection request from (94/17263/1) to host:, service: 443 failed (NIECONN_REFUSED)

[Thr 5452] RM-T94, U17263, 900 STEELED, PCG529, 17:22:59, M1, W35, SEU_, 5/2 {000002cf} [icxxconn.c 2271]

I have downloaded the wsdl file and been able to create the client proxies from local file but when i use the below code i am still receiving an error.

create object lo_experian_auth.
catch cx_ai_system_fault into lo_sys_exception..
message lo_sys_exception type 'I'.

data requestblock type string.
concatenate '<WASPAuthenticationRequest>'
'<ApplicationName>optional param</ApplicationName>'
'</WASPAuthenticationRequest>' into ls_request-authentication_block.

call method lo_experian_auth->sts
input = ls_request
output = ls_response.
catch cx_ai_system_fault into lo_sys_exception.
message lo_sys_exception type 'I'.
commit work.

Throws exception...

SOAP:1,023 SRT: Processing error in Internet

Communication Framework: ("ICF Error when

receiving the response:


and SMICM trace shows.....

6076] Sat Mar 30 17:31:20 2013

6076] *** WARNING => Connection request from (94/17263/1) to host:, service: 16500

6076] RM-T94, U17263, 900 STEELED, PCG529, 17:31:19, M1, W35, SEU_, 5/2 {000002e5} [icxxconn.c 2271]

Can anyone shed some light on what is going wrong here??

Many thanks....