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Mar 30, 2013 at 05:54 AM

Pick Data from table and move to component



I have a requirement wherein there is a table CRMM_LOCMAP, it has 2 fields partner_no and EXT_LOCNO.

I have a component where i have 2 attributes for a context node, delivery location and plant, plant is value attribute.

partner_no is nothing but delivery location here and ext_locno is plant.

now, the requirement is to retieve ext_locno into plant attribute from the table to component based on the partner_no(delivery location).

Can anyone help with the code that has to be written.

I have tried using GET and SET methods of value attribute plant to get the partner_ no and set the value attribute but there is some error occurring and it is saying typed_context is unknown.

i have actually enhanced the component, but still typed_context is there in impl class and also i have tried using Ztyped_context also.