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Mar 29, 2013 at 07:17 PM

Want to fetch all the Characteristics (CT04) for KMAT material by MATNR


Hi Experts,

i have one interesting requirement from my client.

They want to have a report for USAGE PROBABILITY for their KMAT material orders. This means if a KMAT material is a car and it comes in Black, Blue & Red colours as 3 characteristic values, then they want to determine the percentage of each of the colours against the total number of cars sold.

For example, if 1000 cars were sold in a given period of time, then Black coloured cars were 400, Red ones 300 & Blue ones 300 (total 1000).

By doing so, they want to be able to carry out more efficient demand forecasting and customer buying trend analysis.

I know we can achieve this requirement by developing a Z report and the remaining logic is already suggested by me but i am stuck here.

I want to know how we can pull all the characteristics maintained for a material based on the material number. is there any Table for this one? I know CAWN & CABN tables are for characteristics and Classes respectively but HOW TO HAVE A LOGICAL LINK (ABAP) BETWEEN THE KMAT MATERIAL NUMBER (MATNR) AND IT'S CLASSES / CHARACTERISTICS?

Please suggest as I believe this will be an important learning for me and most of the people here in this forum.