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Aug 22, 2005 at 02:48 PM

Master Data Texts


I'm have great confusion trying to figure this out; Some vendor names are not pulling into my queries;


1) When looking at our 0Vendor Master Data InfoObject I can see a list of all the vendor numbers as well as the corresponding name of the particular vendor (I assumed the name is what is considered the 'TEXTS')

2) When I run a report from our AP ODS that contains 0Creditor it references 0VENDOR to pull in the corresponding name of the vendor. This works in most cases however some vendor names are not appearing. For example vendor 12345 is showing no corresonding vendor name.

3) If I go into 0Vendor info object again I can indeed see vendor 12345 and corresponding NAME.

4) If I then go into the 0Creditor InfoOjbect, click the master data texts table TVENDOR I can see all the texts for 0Vendor however, sure enough vendor 12345 is missing!

5) I looked for an infopackage the updates VENDOR TEXTS but there is nothing!


- How can the VENDOR NAME exist when looking at the 0VENDOR InfoObject yet not exist in the TVENDOR texts table??

- Why would some vendor names exist in the TVENDOR text table but not all of them?

Our BW was implemented by a consultant a year ago and I'm wondering if somehow he initially loaded the texts and then somehow it has not been updated ever since. Mostly I'm baffled as to why the 0VENDOR info object would not contain the same info as the TVENDOR text table.