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Adding a custom button to FPM - how to manage the custom event

Hello experts,

I'm dealing with a simple task, that is, adding a custom button to FPM (OIF) in a standard application.

So; I found that the standard application (RFx process in SRM) uses FPM_OIF_COMPONENT with the configuration /SAPSRM/WDCC_FPM_OIF_RFQ_PR_PU.

I then used the Component Configurator on /SAPSRM/WDCC_FPM_OIF_RFQ_PR_PU , enhancing that in order to add a custom button, say FOO.
The element ID is the set to "FOO" while FPM Event ID is set to "FOO_BAR" (I have to implement this, right?).

Now, starting from the point that the button is visible thru the application but obviously, it doesn't work...Searching in SDN I found that I should write my own code into the PROCESS_EVENT of ComponentController... but which ComponentController?

As the application uses FPM_OIF_COMPONENT, it has a lot a subordered MainView, and each one of these contains a WD Component. Each one has its own ComponentController.

This makes me thinking that once I add to identify what's called "appCC" for a certain configuration. I used to do it via Configurator on a SAP SRM 700.

Is this the right direction or I'm missing something?

If I'm following the right path... there's a problem. I'm now dealing with a SAP SRM 702 and the Component Configurator layout has been modified a bit; I cannot locate the option to see what's the appCC reference for that configuration.

Could you please help me? Thanks!

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2 Answers

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    Mar 29, 2013 at 11:09 AM

    if you add your custom button on UIBB toolbar then uibb must be using some WDcomponent you haev to place your code in process_event method of that wdcomponent.

    but if you add it at toolbar of  FPM_OIF_COMPONENT then it will trigger for all uibb you can place your code in any uibb WDcomponent in your configuration.

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    • Ok, it's better then to explain further the requirement...

      The application is a standard one, in SRM 7, and it is used to process RFx and Bids.

      I need to add to the FPM toolbar (the main toolbar, above all the tabs) a custom buttom, which should behave as a standard one ("publish") and - in addiction - has to do some other stuffs.

      So, I was thinking it could be possible to add the button from Component Configurator: in order to do so, I went to se80 -> FPM_OIF_COMPONENT and searched for the specific configuration used the application.

      There I added my custom button by means of an enhancement.

      Now, the tricky stuff. Where do I have to manage my code? In each WD Component underlying the application? It seems quite a wrong approach, as there should be a smarter way to obtain the desired behaviour.

      By the way, as told before, if I get any WD Component used as UIBB in the application and place a dummy code in componentcontroller -> process_event, I can see that these methods are NOT triggered by normal user's activity.

      Any hint/suggestion/reference to howto documentation would be highly appreciated.

      Thanks again

  • Mar 29, 2013 at 02:40 PM

    Ok, I found some documentation and how-to... but I have a doubt,

    If someone can kindly confirm my doubts or just explain why the procedure is correct... I'll appreciate very much.

    In this tutorial:

    is shown how to add a custom button to Shopping Cart.

    This is quite the same requirement as mine (I have to add a custom button to RFx), so I could follow it .... BUT:

    I'm stuck on the "where do I have to put my code?" question and for the above tutorial says it must be managed with a post-exit on the method  "ONACTIONBUTTON_PRESSED" (via enhancement).

    However, I've heard many times that the FPM_OIF_COMPONENT should *never* be modified as mods here affects not only the application I'm working on, but the entire set of application that make use of FPM_OIF_COMPONENT.

    Is this true? Or should I follow the tutorial ?

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    • Hi Jitendra and thanks for your valuable help,

      I'm trying adding code to FPM_OIF_COMPONENT via enhancement, restrincting the execution of that code to my specific event. Anyway, I'm kinda confused about this approach as for what I've seen, FPM_OIF_COMPONENT shouldn't be taken into account when dealing with custom dev.

      I'm gonna try it anyway, while looking for the best practice to accomplish the task.