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Mar 28, 2013 at 08:30 PM

Batch Command Processing (pbshell) for PB 12.5 .NET question


I'd like to use the pbshell.exe utility to help me build our PowerBuilder 12.5 .NET assembly targets:

The help topic mentions creating a script containing one or more of the commands listed in the help topic (like "Target", "Full Build Solution", etc). However, there are no instructions on how to use any of these commands. For example, if I want to build a target assembly, I assume I would need to use the "Full Build Target" command in the script. But how do I specify the location of the solution/target and in what format?

Here is my pbshell command:

pbshell.exe /pbcommand C:\5.0AssemblyTest\PBAssemblies\AccountsReceivable\BuildAR.cmd

Here is what is contained in the BuildAR.cmd script file:

Full Build Target "C:\5.0AssemblyTest\PBAssemblies\AccountsReceivable/AccountsReceivable.pbtx"

I have tried different variations of this script, but I have had no success. Has anyone else used pbshell to build their .NET assembly targets? If so, can you share the lines you used in the command script file? I'm very surprised at how little I see when I search the web.