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Mar 28, 2013 at 07:21 AM

How to add non-infotype fields in HRASR_DT form scenario


Hi All,

My requirement is, creating the adobe form in HRASR_DT transaction as it is ESS MSS project and in that form i need to show HR manager and Finance Manager of the company in header.

I wrote the code in Se38 and found out the HR manager name and Finance manager name and tested it.

Now I want to paste that code in generic services of the form. To create Badi for this services, first I need to create the required fields (HRname and Finname) in Form scenario fields and backend service fields. I want to keep these fields as characters. But my problem is, i can add the fields only from infotypes by clicking the 'service field' button. If i try to create without infotype, i am not able to assign data type i.e) character.

Is this possible ? If no, how my requirement can be achieved ? The documents which i serverd showing only how to fetch infotype fields, not the normal fields. Please help.