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Mar 28, 2013 at 02:35 AM

Populate custom assignment block in campaign activity during campaign execution. BADI : CRM_MKT_MODIFY_ORDER.


Hi All,

I am working on requirement to create Campaign activities from campaign execution. I have implemented BADI CRM_MKT_MODIFY_ORDER and method MODIFY_ACTIVITY_OBJ.

Can you plese tell me where can i find activity GUID. When this BADI is called activity ID may not be generated but GUID must be there. But i am not able to find that. I get Campaign GUID in CT_HEADER.

My exact requirement is to fill campaign data into one custom assignment block which is present in campaign activity screen. Custom AB is of table type and has following fields.

Campaign ID




Communication medium.

I can get these details from campaign guid which is in ct_header. But i need activity guid to fill the assignment block.

Thanks & Regards,