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Mar 27, 2013 at 10:54 PM

in TDSHL, exported files are located in different drives.


In our TDSHL project, we already successfully exported the source and now we are going to do post-processing steps before import.

Please see the attached for details.

However we face a situation that is the e: drive is only 50GB but the total size of the exported files is about 80GB. Therefore during export I had to move generated dump file (e.g. *.001, *.002, *.003, etc.) out of drive e: to avoid full.

My question is : can we execute above TDMS steps without moving above dump files back to e: drive where there is no space to extend?

I think it should be OK because if I use ftp option for export_monitor.bat , the generated files will be constantly moved to target.

Thanks a lot!

P.S. 80GB of shell dump files seems too big. But I repeated the export 2 times and the results are the same.

DDLDB2.TPL was indeed adapted to shell.


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Slide1.GIF (97.7 kB)