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Mar 27, 2013 at 02:23 PM

URL iview for SAP transaction logs off immediately when clicked


Hi all,

We have a URL iview which calls our SAP system and in the parameters the transaction PR04 is passed. As soon as a few users click on this iview, they receive an error message stating:


What has happened?

You have logged off from the system.

Note: the log off took place ******** at ****** system time.

HTTP 200 - OK

Your SAP internet communication framework team

What could be the possible cause for this issue?

Our Analysis:

- This issue appears only for few users, not all

- The SAP authorizations for the user is same with any other normal user.

- Issue appears for the users in Quality environment too (URL is called, so obvious?)

- The same backend in quality portal when assigned to a different user, issue does not appear.

- Test front end id was created by copying the affected user, and same backend was assigned. Issue appeared.

- We created a transaction iview and requested the user to use that, but the problem still exists for the user.

Can you please provide your valuable comments on what could be the cause for this issue.

Any inputs will be highly helpful for me on this case.

Kind Regards,