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Mar 26, 2013 at 10:48 AM

Enhancing Infoobject by Medium and long texts -->impact


Hi mates,

i have 4 infoobjects they were set up with only Short text. Also for these infoobjects i created a datasource to upload master data via flatfile and also for this infoobjects there exists a datasource for flat file and also one datasource as SAP system where master data is pulled to another system. Transformation and Data transfer process for these datasources were also created. Since we are updating the infoobject as infoprovider directly we are not having an infopackage to fill master data to PSA. But now we want to activate the medium and long text for these infoobjects. What should be changesd what are the steps to be done the datasources which already exist are transported.

Step by step description with the impact on other objects cubes ...etc would be nice.Since we are enhancing just text of some infoobjects i think the impact should not be so immense.