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Mar 26, 2013 at 04:39 AM

How do I import file format for use in Banking with Payment Addon


I have a situation where the default Payment file format ins SAP is not correct for a particular bank.( usually called ABA files )

(The customer uses the Payment addon to create the outgoing electronic payment file and them uploads them to pay multiple vendors etc)

I have enable the add-on EFM ( Electronic File manager ) and had a decent look at it to create a new format.

However I dont know how to import that to Business One.

Also I am nnot sure if I am doing the right thing too..

This is what I did,

  1. Open EFM
  2. Create a new project ( bank Payment File Porject )
  3. fllowed the sample project instructions as per a help file.
  4. saved the project. ( its in .BPP format )
  5. went into SAP and Opened the Electronic File Manager - setup
  6. right click and selected upload and pointed to the .BPP file.

However I receive an error "Current format not a valid format...."

very frustrating....

Also - there is an existing format in the system that would be nice if I could modify that. Its verly close to what I need to do - but I am not sure how to load it to the EFM

any help is appreciated.