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Mar 26, 2013 at 12:48 AM

Annual budget exceeded -Cover Eligibility Rule


Dear Gurus,

I set up BCS and Cover Eligibility rule for a client system. After that, I created budget for FM account assignment Fund/Fund Centre/Commitment Item in budget workbench with t-code FMBB. However, when am trying to post, the error message below comes up. Please note that the value of budget available is 20,000 NGN. How can I resolve this?

Annual budget exceeded by 13,000.00 NGN (FM PB Availability Control) for document item 00002

Message no. FMCE005


The annual budget has been exceeded by 13,000.00 NGN (FM PB Availability Control) for the document item 00002. Budget availability control for outgoing amounts ( ceiling type Expenditures) raised this message for the budget address 1000100/10000003/482000 (= first-level control object).

Although at this point the system checks availability on the level of the budget address, an automatic cover eligibility rule was found. This rule ultimately decides whether sufficient budget is available for posting, if the message type involved is not "Error".

The corresponding cover eligibility rule is determined by the following combination of availability control ledger, fiscal year (and if applicable, year of cash effectivity) and second-level control object ( cover group and if applicable, the grant):