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Help needed with SOLMANUP 7.1 Stack 08 (02/2013)

Not on here very often 🤣

I'm upgrading my SOLMAN. Have reached Downtime and am stuck on the Java sequence with (the ABAP section has reached MAIN_NEWBAS_GETSYNC_MODPROF_FINI (Wait for SAPJup event)

'An error has occurred during the execution of the INSTALL_SCS_SERVICE_ADDIN phase'

I'v tried many things but am running out of ideas. Particularly:


Phase type is

Parameter action=install

Parameter connect=standard

Parameter instance=SCS

Checking phase parameters action, instance.

Phase parameters have been checked. All required 2 phase parameters have been set.

Process ID 1, name sapcontrol has been started.

Command line: /usr/sap/SMT/SYS/exe/run/uc/sapcontrol -nr 07 -function StartService SMT

Standard out: /usr/sap/SMT/SOLMANUP/java/log/INSTALL_SERVICE_07_RCSD_10.OUT

Process ID 1 has been started.

Waiting for process ID 1, name sapcontrol to finish.

Process ID 1, name sapcontrol has been finished, exit code 1.

Return code condition success evaluated to false for process sapcontrol for action install service

Cannot install service for instance 7.

  • Problem is that when you try and run the command from the command line (as suggested in above mentioned)
  • Process ID 1, name sapcontrol has been started.
  • Exception has occurred during the execution of the phase.

When you attempt the command as <SID>OFR (I have also tried <SID>ADM you get:


FAIL: cannot open /usr/sap/sapservices [No such file or directory].

I then reviewed Note 1119188 - iSeries: Upgrade modification of file /usr/sap/sapservices

The stated script is not present (it would appear that this note only applies to release 640 only)

I then followed
Note 893215 - SAP Start Service on iSeries

and manually created a sapservices file in /usr/sap - it has the following entry

/usr/sap/SMT/SYS/exe/run/sapstartsrv pf=/usr/sap/SMT/SYS/profile/START_SCS07_sap02 -D -u SMTADM (I also tried /usr/sap/SMT/SYS/exe/run/uc/ ... by the way

I can't find anything in the upgrade guides which says you need to create the sapservices file.

I will open an OSS later this p.m. but any ideas/help would be most appreciated

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2 Answers

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    Former Member
    Mar 25, 2013 at 03:25 PM

    Hello Stephen,

    Sorry to state the obvious but have you checked the security of the file '/usr/sap/sapservices'?

    In addition to that you could consider changing the authority of both <sid>OFR and <sid>ADM to *ALLOBJ. This would only be a temporary fix but it would solve the problem if your issue is security related.


    Yannick C.

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    • Former Member

      Hi Yannick - no problem with the obvious - the obvious is often missed.😊 It was one of the first things I looked at: the file usr/sap/sapservices has full authority for R3GROUP - both SMTADM and SMTOFR are in R3GROUP and have *ALLOBJ. I too suspected security issues but now not so sure. I can't find any documentation on the format of the sapservices file apart from the 640 note that I mentioned. I'm wondering if I've got the format wrong in some way. It definitely looks something to with sapstrsrv/sapcontrol as it fails when you try it in QSH. BTW if you rename the file it comes back with no such file or directory. Rename it back you just get a FAIL message

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    Former Member
    Apr 02, 2013 at 12:23 PM


    This was resolved with the assistance of SAP Support. I was 98% there ! The relevant SAP note is Note 893215 - SAP Start Service on iSeries - you have to manually create the file /usr/sap/sapservices for each instance. I had done this but unfortunately created a CR/LF as opposed to a LF at the end of the line for the instance entry. There are no blank lines to be left in this file (contrary to previous posts on this file.) BTW on iSeries you use EDTF from the green screen (I had used the IBMi Rational Developer editor - and option F15 Services to set the correct EOL type.

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