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Mar 22, 2013 at 03:02 PM

Error 500 - Internal Server error on sending DCN


Since the upgrade of our SUP servers to 2.2.2 I cannot send DCNs anymore. Even if I try to send them in my browser I always get error 500 (Internal Server Error). The error exists on our development server and also on my local SUP server. Therefore it looks like a changed setting because of the server upgrade.

I am using the HttpAuthDCNServlet, I am using the same syntax as I used for old version 2.1.3. If I omit any parameters I get status 200, e.g.


Do you have any idea what changed after upgrading the servers? I also followed the hints in the document Debugging DCNs but had no trace of the error until now.

My call looks like this:


Content-Type is application/json, I use Basic Authentication using user@domain with a valid password and POST for submitting.

In the body I have the following:

{ "pkg": "moma4:2.0",

"messages": [


"id": "1 ",

"mbo": "AlmOrder",

"op": ":upsert",

"cols": {

"ORDERID": "000000503115",

"START_DATE": "2013-02-21",

"FINISH_DATE": "2013-02-21",

"EQUIPMENT": "000000000010006698"





Now I could trace the following in the log:

The DCN Request in JSON as POST data is: null

Was there a change in the DCN syntax? I could not find anything regarding a change in the documentation.