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Mar 22, 2013 at 10:13 AM

Dealing with KM resources - Return


Hi guru's,

I come back with the following of another post :

The context:

One jave webdynpro which must :

  • check the existence of a document
  • if the document does'nt exist, the WD user must upload it
  • the upload action itself must
    • set a property to the document
    • set a permission on the document.

I'm now stucked on the last step : setting permissions on the resource itself.

My WD User has Read/Write on the folder where the resource is uploaded through a role.

On the resource itself, the WD User must set a new permission for himself (Read/write) AND delete the permission for the role that gave him thoses rights.

Is this possible? For now, i'm stucked with things as "Access Denied"...

What would be the correct approach?