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BSG group setting for Two ECC connected to one SCM system

Jan 09, 2017 at 05:02 AM


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Our existing ECC server consists of all global plants connected to one APO system.

Now we are in process of splitting existing ECC server to two instances(one for India company code/plants & second one for rest company code/plant other than India).

We want to keep one APO system. Reason is that, Demand planning would be done globally and there is inter-dependency of product supply between locations in both ECC server.

Product Attributes would continue to be same in both ECC servers.

We will restrict Plants in CIF integration models to ensure unique master and transaction data flows in material/plant combination from ECC to APO system.

In this scenario, want an expert advise whether one BSG group would work or we would need two different BSG group. We have DP, SNP & GATP implemented in our organisation.

I am attaching an scenario to understand the dependency and get an advise.



Pradipta Sahoo

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2 Answers

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Pradipta Sahoo Jan 09, 2017 at 09:00 AM

Hello Tiemin

Thanks your reply on this subject. I too had gone thru this document SCM210 test book. Now I am a bit sure after your reply.

Here you agree in our scenario, we can keep same BSG group for both ECC system.

Need you further advise on precaution to take to avoid any issue further like:

- Centrally controlled MDM(Master Data Management) system to avoid change in any material attributes

- Any other Master Data also to take care like Plant, Vendor, Customer, Resource etc. for change in attributes

- Do Number Range of Planned Order, Purchase Requisition, Dependent Requirements also will create any issue

Please advise.


Pradipta Sahoo

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Tiemin Wang
Jan 09, 2017 at 08:46 AM

Hi Pradipta,

I looked into SCM210 textbook and it makes it quite clear: “The aim of the BSG is to implement unique naming for master data in distributed system landscapes. These BSGs are defined as areas of the same naming convention in SCM. You will only need more than on BSG when there is no unique naming convention.” Hope it helps. Best regards,


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