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Mar 21, 2013 at 06:12 PM



Hi All,

I'm pretty new to SAP HANA and i have a good understanding of SAP ECC on HANA Works.

Please can some one clarify my doubts asi having difficulty keeping up latest releases from SAP

Option 1) Hana as Secondary Data base- SAP ECC is still on say DB6 (HANA is OLAP and ECC is OLTP )

Load Information using either SLT or BODS into Hana Data Base and Build Models using replicated data and consume models in BI Client Tools

Option 2)Is there a way to migrate your SAP ECC DB6 (or any ECC Database) to HANA Database and use SAP ECC as both your OLAP and OLTP Systems

In this case you don't need SLT or BODS

Is the second option available for customers ? If yes, why clients go for first where you have maintain data at 2 places and addition replication process

3)Say we already have BW system in Place what happens in that case

1)SAP ECC(DATA)--->BW(Cubes)--> HANA(Migrate your existing cubes to Views(Analytic or calculation Views) if this right- when we want to create a new View -Do we have to create Cube in BW and Migrate to View in Hana Studio)

I just want want to know what are the existing options that SAP Provides