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Mar 20, 2013 at 11:43 AM

component material transfer before consumption



I am working for a pharma client. Requirement is as follows.

Process order created for semi finished material which will have raw materials as components. During release of the process order automatic batch determination happens for the components and batches assigned to components. Released process order sent to warehouse for weighing ( dispensing ). Warehouse people weighs the qty of components ( with batches assigned ) as per the process order and transfer the materials from warehouse location to production location. Production People consume the materials ( 261 movement ) against the process order before starting production. This we need to map in to the system.

I made all the relevant settings to map this flow till automatic batch determination but not able to decide on the Procedure of transferring component materials from warehouse location to production location and then consumption,

Can anybody help me out which transactions I need to use and what settings need to be done in config and master data. Is MF60 helps me on this ?