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Aug 19, 2005 at 09:39 AM

Phase Xpra_Execution TP_STEP_FAILURE tp return code 12 error


Hi All,

I try to Install BI-Content 3.53 Support Packages SAPKIBIFP1 to SAPKIBIFP5

<b>When iam Importing SAPKIBIFP2 I have follow Error</b> Message :


Te import was stopped, since an error occurred during the phase XPRA_EXECUTION, which the Support Package Manager is unable to resolve without your input. After you have corrected the cause of the error, continue with the Import by choosing Support Package -> Import queue from the initial screen of the Support Package Manager.

The following details help you to analyze the problem:

- Error in phase:XPRA_EXECUTION

- Reason for error: TP_STEP_FAILURE

- Return code: 0012

- Error message: OCS Package SAPKIBIFP2, tp step R, return code 0012

otes on phase XPRA_EXECUTION he XPRAs and after-import methods are executed in this phase. This phase can terminate due to the following reasons: TP_INTERFACE_FAILURE: The system was unable to call the tp interface.

TP_FAILURE: The system was unable to execute the tp program. For

more information, see the SLOG or ALOG log file. TP_STEP_FAILURE: The system was unable to execute the XPRA_EXECUTION

tp step. To see the cause of the error in the method execution log,

choose Goto -> Log -> Queue.

Could You tell me, how can I solve this problem ?

Thank You,

Rajiv Shankar