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Mar 18, 2013 at 04:55 PM

Read data from file in BPC Server



I have a requirement to update a Custom table on BW System. The source to update this table is a File on BPC 10.0 Server - The user will update the file with values and store it in BPC 10.0 server (\ROOT\WEBFOLDERS\APPSHELL\CONSOLIDATION\EEXCEL\MAPPING\POSITION_MAPPING.XLS)

My Question is

1. Unable to read this BPC 10.0 file path - When tried to access this file path - system is throwing an error - File path directory/ folder does not exist.

When tried to dig further, I see that the data is stored in a Table UJF_DOC with data in DOC_CONTENT field.

The problem here is this data is in Hexa Decimal Format (X STRING). I need this data in ASCII format (a File/ table format) same as the user uploaded it.. so that I can upload this in BW Application server and read the data through an ABAP program and update the Custom table.

2. Is there any Function Module or Class -> Method which can suffice my purpose?

3. I don't see any Method in CL_UJF_FILE_SERVICE_MGR Class is able to meet this requirement (i.e. read data from BPC server and upload to BW Application Server).

4. Atleast can any one tell me how to convert this XString data to Normal ASCII format?

Thanks for your Help.