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Former Member
Mar 18, 2013 at 01:31 PM

Standard alternative to M_REBLG (and kinds) in ECC6


Hi All,

What I am trying to find is some standard (non-Z) alternative to Matchcode objects such as M_REBLG in SAP Version ECC6. (Matchcode objects are obsolete in ECC6.) I already tried creating ZZM_REBLG as same as M_REBLG but that does not seem to be a feasible working solution for me. [Standard transactions like ME87 and MR02 does not process as expected along with the Z Developments over them and other transactions.]

If you happen to have faced the same issue and know the solution, please share.

[PS: I tried searching it everywhere but cannot find a single post or result for this and starting a discussion over here was the last resort for me so hoping to get a positive response from somebody.]

Thanks in advance.