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Mar 18, 2013 at 01:12 PM

cross docking issue



I have issue with Cross dock planning (transaction LXDCK) where Inbound delivery popping up in 'Inbound(Planning documents)' even though it doesn't have enough quantity to fulfil 'Outbound(Candidates)'

I will try and explain with this scenario

I have Inbound delivery (INB1) of a material with quantity 150 cases and two outbound deliveries (OUB1 and OUB2) for same material for 100 case each.

LE quantity for this material is defined as 100 case (per pallet)

Step 1: Run cross dock planning system displays INB1 and OUB1 and let me create decision which is right. Decision created.

Step 2: Run cross dock planning again for material and system doesn't display any inbound and outbound, as expected.

Step 3: Material received, GI delivery OUB1.

Step 4: Run cross dock planning for material and system now displays INB1 and OUB2 and let me create decision (THIS IS WRONG, there isn't enough quantity left in Inbound delivery INB1 to satisfy this 100 cases requirement of OUB2).

If I continue with cross dock decision, it lets me create one but during receive/picking process decision gets cancelled (status = 05).

Has anyone come across this situation? Is there any configuration which is missing? Is this SAP standard behaviour?

Could someone points me in the right direction.