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Aug 19, 2005 at 02:06 AM

ABAP minisap server installation and administration


Not without pain, but I have finally brought the minisap application up to running. Sometimes, it is very slow as I'm only using 1GB RAM, but it's tolerable. I still couldn't get my SLD to work on my machine but it is less of a priority. My next step is to find out if there are any minisap basis experts out there who can help me with user administration and client setups. In particular I would like to learn how minisap can be used for development and system administration now that I have users that have "sap_all" authorization. What I have found out so far is that current authorization doesn't allow me to create new users with 'sap_all' in new clients and I'm not sure why. Is there a transaction for cloning client '000'? In more general terms, is there any guidebook that's specific just to minisap and doesn't address large enterprises where 'normal' SAP installations are administered? I'm looking for some kind 'bare-bones' tech operations manual, any takers?