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Mar 15, 2013 at 08:55 PM

Receiving expired batch from STO


Dear experts,

I posted this in QM module folder, but as no one gave correct replies, I thought of posting it again here...

At my client, batch level is activated at Plant-Material level and no batch status management. Don't ask me why and this is not the point I want to discuss, because it was a done deal at my client long time ago 😉

We also maintain Min rem shelf life and Total shelf life in Material master.

Issue that I have now is, I have Plant 1 (factory) & 2 (DC), both the plants have a material as batch managed.

At the DC plant, whenever batches expire we move them to block stock and if they should be disposed, we want to move them to factory on an STO and scrap them, because DCs are not allowed to dispose the stock and we want to generate all STO paperwork (delivery, shipment etc.) when moving the stock back to factory.

So, I am doing as follows

  1. Move batch in DC from Block to Unrestricted stk
  2. Pick them immediately for a STO delivery and PGI
  3. But when I am posting GR at factory, it doesn't allow, kicks out saying 'min rem shelf life reqmt' not met. Any suggestions on overcoming this? I even tried to remove the remaining shelf life in P.O item details and tried to post the GR, it didn't help either.
  4. Then I increased the SLED in MSC2n and tried to post the GR in MIGO, still it doesn't allow me to receive the batch, because when doing the GR system automatically recalculates the SLED from the original Production date and validates the min. rem shelf life.

Please don't suggest me to remove the exp. date check in OMJ5 for 101 mvmt or in receiving plant, because we still want system to check 'rem.shelf life'' on batches coming from external suppliers.

So, thanks for going through my post and please let me know a way to receive the expired batches from STO into a plant so that I can scrap it in the plant that is legally (environmental regulation) allowed to dispose the stock.

Thanks in advance.