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Aug 18, 2005 at 08:34 PM

0HR_PY_1 not adequate


We have been using the above extractor for a few months but our users want more detail. They want an extra level in that they want the IN-Period too.

They can then create a Wage Type Statement like in SAP.

They can then run tax reports which are based on the IN-Period.

We also struggle with simulations creating unwanted entries. It would be helpful to select a run by payroll area. We will attempt this by deleting other payroll areas in the start routine.

However, we have reached the stage where we are ready to write our own extractor.

Does anybody have any advice.

Which tables are best to use. RT? Somebody mention using ARREARS rather.

We feel it is no good playing with 0HR_PY_1 exits.

What about the posting doc tables used in 0HR_PY_PP_1/2 ?

Is is best to bring over cummulative retro's or calculate the increments in every period?

Any other considerations?

Ian Barrow