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Jan 08, 2017 at 12:54 PM

HANA XSA use parameter in xsodata to pass to calculation view. URL format?



I'm using SAP HANA XS Advanced. I created a calculation view with a mandatory input parameter called "ID".

In the Filter Expressions tab from the calculation view I used the parameter like so:


My xsodata service looks like this:

service {
	"MyApp.Database::employeebyid" as "employeeById" 
	keys generate local "localID"
	parameters via entity "InputParams";

Now I wanted to try the service using the browser. Without Parameter it all works fine when using this URL:


But how do I get my parameters into that? For XS Classic I found this:


So I tried:


But it just says:

"Resource not found for the segment 'employeeByIdInputParams' at position 0."

What I expected because it is called employeeById and not employeeByIdInputParams but it seemed to work here. Or did I get that wrong?

I think that overall my service is working and I only have a wrong request URL because without Parameters I get the output:

column store error: search table error:  [34023] Instantiation of calculation model failed;exception 306106: Undefined variable: $$ID$$. Variable is marked as required but not set in the query\n

Hope someone knows which URL I have to use. Seems to be a marginal problem but I can't solve it using Google or the Dev Guide.

Kind regards,