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Former Member
Aug 18, 2005 at 06:59 PM

SAPdb volume sizes



I have SAPdb installed in a sandbox environment and have been playing around trying to do a few different things.

1)I'd like to change either or both the data and log volume sizes.

a. I’d like to be able to shrink a log down from, say 10gig to 1 gig.

b.Also can I increase individual data file sizes (as well as decrease) versus adding more or is it stuck with its original configured values.

2)The TEST db I’m playing with has 10 named volumes, 2 look like they’re being used. If those 2 fill up will it automatically create a 3rd, or do I need to do that before it fills up?

3) We’ve got a development db that is at 66% currently using 5 of the 10 volumes. If I have to add volumes manually when is a good time to do so? 75%? 90%? I know it’ll probably depend on how fast it’s filling up, but is there a good rule of thumb to follow?

Thanks for your time.