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Mar 15, 2013 at 09:16 AM

How Can We Fetch Zfields defined in EKPO/EKKO and MSEG to COPA Characteristics


Hi SAP Gurus,

We have requirement to calculate profitability based on some characteristics which are not standard fields.

I have defined them as Custom Characteristics and its working fine. But for the same every time i have to maintain

KES1 and KEDR for the same.

Those fields are coming from PO and MIGO transactions can i directly create Z--FIELDS in PO and MIGO and link

this fields to COPA Characteristics so that i need not to maintain KES1 and KEDR every time.

I have tried to create new characteristics but i am not able to find PO tables EKPO/EKKO and MIGO table MSEG.

I can see below mentioned tables only no table is related to MM how can i proceed to flow these new characteristics

value to COPA. Can i use any table look up derivation rule

KNA1 General Data in Customer Master

KNB1 Customer Master (Company Code)

KNVV Customer Master Sales Data

MARA General Material Data

MARC Plant Data for Material

MVKE Sales Data for Material

PACPROJECT Characteristics from cProjects That Can Be Used in CO-PA

PACRMIPM Characteristics from CRM IPM That Can Be Used in CO-PA

PACRMSLS Attributes of CRM Sales That Can be Used in PA

PACRMSRV Attributes of CRM Service that can be used in PA

PAPARTNER SD partner that can be used in CO-PA

PARETAIL Retail fields that can be used in CO-PA

PRPS WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data

T001W Plants/Branches

VBAK Sales Document: Header Data

VBAP Sales Document: Item Data

VBKD Sales Document: Business Data

VIAUFKST Generated Table for View