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Mar 15, 2013 at 09:13 AM

user status


Dear experts,

i have user status profile-wbs level which contains 4 statuses.

1. init- project creation stage

2. bugp- budget assignement allowed only

3. bugr-budget release only

4. exen-wbs release and other business transactions....execution.

in opuu- under res/pur req field we have '2'. i.e from release.

now after creating project my status in wbs would be init. at this stage if user add a non stock material with code or without code....and in component overview if by mistake he selects 3 in res/pur req field i.e 'immediatly' a pr is getting genarated. and po can be done. but at the time of migo it will prevents from business transaction. however i have already forbidden mat pur requisition' trasaction in init status. so it wont allow to raise pr for manually created pr/outside pr (procurment of mat). or it wont allow to release the wbs. because the sequense is from init status to bugp where user has to do cj30, then bugp to bugr- in that cj32 and finally user has to set pass on from bugr to exen to release the wbs for execution.

now from cj20n, in init status if user creates non stock material by giving 3 in component overview. system takes that and creates pr without budget.

how to avaid this? which business transaction do i need to forbid from creating pr at this status.

please guide