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Aug 18, 2005 at 04:45 PM

Workflow - Purchase Contract Issue


Hi Ramki / Mikko / Workflow Gurus,

I need your help to resolve my following issue -

I am working on N step contract approval workflow.

I copied standard SAP workflow and added a new task to determine approver based on screen entries ( There are two bespoke fields for approvers).

I created a subtype for my business object BUS2000113 added a method to get approvers.

When I test my workflow, it works fine but when I create a purchase contract using EBP, I am getting following erros in workflow log.

1.Error handling for workitem 000000007470.

2.Object with runtime number 0 not defined.

3.<b>Work item 000000007475: Object BUS2000113 method ZGETAPPROVERDETAILS cannot be executed </b>

ZGETAPPROVERDETAILS is a method in subtype ZBUS200113.

My binding for task container and method container also seems to be fine.



&UserID& -> &UserID&

&Approver& <- &Approver&

I have gone through all SAP documentations related to workflow / task / method bindings but could not resolve this.

Please add your tips.

Thanks and Warm Regards.