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Mar 14, 2013 at 10:20 PM

SAP BW ROW LEVEL security question


Hi, SAP BW Data Security Experts,

Assume I have two infocubes for two business
areas, Operations and Finance. We have
implemented SSO.

Here is a simplified version of Business
organizational hierarchy: Region ->
Location. From it, we build a common hierarchal organization dimension: The company has 2 regions, Region 1 and Region 2.
Region1 has two locations, Location 11 and Location 12.

Let's assume we have 3 people:

Dave - a Finance
VP at Region 1.

John - a Director
who is in charge of everything at Location 1.

Mary - a Finance
at Location 1, who reports to John, but also has a dotted-line reporting relationship to Dave.

Data Security requirements base on hierarchy
and area of responsibility:

  1. 1. Dave can see all data for "Region 1"
    (i.e. including finance details of Location 11 and Location 12).
  2. 2. John can see all data (both Operation and
    Finance) for Location 1
  3. 3. Mary can see all (both Operational and Finance) data for Location 1. In
    addition, due to the dotted-line relationship, Mary can also see all finance data for the entire Region 1 (including Location 11 and
    Location 12), so she can compare where Location 1 stands financially with in
    Region 1.

I would appreciate any guidance on how this data level
security could be configured in BW info cubes.
If needed, we could create two business roles, Operation and
Finance. Thanks,