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Mar 14, 2013 at 05:21 PM

Not all records are populatin in currency field


Hello Everyone,

We are having an issue with our Profit center attribute , field Object currency is not populating all the Currency field and when i check the PSA it does not have all the currency field too, when i check ecc i see that there was an append structure to add Fiels WAERs and BUKRS Attached is code for the append structure, Can someone please check and see if the code could be the problem? But i created a Generic datasource to bring in Just WAERS to see if it will fix my problem but it come in PSA fine but when i try to load to profit center Attribute with DTP it gives me an errror @5C@ PROFITCT : Data record 91 (' ') : Invalid "to" date '00000000 ' RSDMD 188 @35@ @3R@ And i have searched inside the profit center attribute there is no invalid records and the records from the PSA is clean Can someone please advice me on how to take care of this error...

Thanks in Advance


SDN.PNG (31.3 kB)