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Former Member
Mar 14, 2013 at 04:41 PM

Viewing images in CR containing Linux graphic location



Users use CR2008 Designer, a local Windows desktop client tool to create reports and save to the Linux Enterprise repository on the server.

For displaying logos, CR2008 Designer has a network path built into it that references a network graphic location on Linux, namely "/var/crystal/Images/..."

When users view the reports from CR2008 Designer on their desktop machine, the display does not print the logos since the local desktop tool does not know how to resolve the graphic location in Linux format, "/var/crystal/Images/"

However, when the application is used from the web browser, the display correctly prints the images since the Linux server understands how to translate the /var/crystal/Images folder.

Can someone provide a solution on how we can allow Crystal Designer used on Windows to resolve the graphic location that contains a Linux network path?