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Mar 14, 2013 at 03:09 PM

WEBi on top of BEx. How to force BEx-side Data Aggregation?



we have several WEBi reports on top of BEx Queries.

This reports has data tables to show data using only a few characteristic (aggregation), and leaving all others as available objects, for users to build their own reports and ad-hoc analysis.

We checked the Data Set in the Data section on WEB Intelligence Modify mode, and we can see it is not aggregated.

How do we force data aggregation to occur on BEx side? aggregation should be as indicated in the used objects in the Data Table within the WEBi report, and not on all available objects.

Platform: BO4 and BW7.3
Connection: BICS

- WEBi documents has "Use Query drill" propety checked ON.
- BEx query has characteristics as Free characteristics
- BEx query has filters as BEx variables

thanks for the help.

Mauricio Cubillos