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Mar 14, 2013 at 01:58 PM

Handling of the SAP-delivered ruleset


Hi to everybody,

we are facing the challenge to answer the question if the SAP-delivered ruleset is sufficient.

In OSS-note 986996 we learn that the SAP-delivered ruleset should be understood as "start-up".

Or in other words, there is no guarranty or confirmation that this ruleset is sufficient for the normal business and for the auditors.

(I must admit, as SAP I wouldn't say that either 😉)

Now I would like to know about your experiences regarding the following questions:

- where does the SAP-ruleset is/was approved to be sufficient? (f.e. SD-billing we faced a lot of gaps)

- where not?

- how much effort was it to adjust it to the needs?

- how long does it take?

- how much were the auditor(s) involved?

- how about the effort when updating your own ruleset, based on the changes SAP deliverd each quarter?

I know it is a lot to discuss, but hopefully we will get a good collection of helpful informations.

thank you very much in advance

all the best