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Mar 14, 2013 at 07:24 AM

Maintenance plan scheduling for Inprocess again call objects


Dear Experts,

The below is my requirement / Scenario

My Maintenance plan call object is Notification and the maintenance plan is checked with Completion indicator and shift factor for completion is 100%. I am running the deadline monitoring daily.

I am processing the call object (Notification) and Completing the notification (NOCO). While Completing the notification I am entering the reference date for notification completion. from this maintenance plan schedules the future calls.

Due to some reason I am Inprocess again (NOPR) the above notification. After running deadline monitoring, the scheduling overview still shows the scheduled hold call dates are as per the notification completion reference date(but the current status of the notification is NOPR).

But the current date is reached (after few days from the reference date) to the Scheduled hold date, so the call object is being generated automatically from the maintenance plan, even the previous call object (notification) is not completed.

But my requirement is not to generate the call object until the previous notification is completed.

Kindly give your inputs to solve


R. Loganathan