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Mar 14, 2013 at 07:22 AM

Payrolll posting issue


Hello ,

Segment level FI posting issue for payroll documents.

We have maintained default profit center for balance sheet GL accounts related to payroll postings . Under one company code we have multiple segments & we are running payroll at company code level. When we are running payroll all Balance Sheet postings are going in one segment (based on default profit center assigned) & expense account postings are hitting other segments. We have activated document splitting with new ledger in FI. After payroll posting we are manually allocating balance sheet posting (like accrued salary , staff deduction etc..) from default profit center segment to respective segment.

  1. e.g. Company code: 1000

Segments: 1001, 1002 …..1010.

Profit center: 1001_ADM (segment 1001).

Cost center : 1002_DEP1 ( profit center assigned 1002_ADM which link to 1002 segment)

1003_DEP1 ( profit center assigned 1003_ADM which link to 1003 segment)

1004_DEP1 ( profit center assigned 1004_ADM which link to 1004 segment)

Payroll FI posting

GL Account Profit center Cost Center Segment Posting amount

CR Balance Sheet Account 1001_ADM (segment 1001- default profit center) 1001 -12000

DE Expense Account 1002_DEP1 (Cost center -1002 segment) 1002 3000

DE Expense Account 1003_DEP1 (Cost center -1003 segment) 1003 4000

DE Expense Account 1004_DEP1 (Cost center -1004 segment) 1004 5000

In above FI posting from payroll how we can split balance sheet account at each segment level?

Regards / Avinash