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Mar 13, 2013 at 03:47 PM

PB12 datawindow can't handle large text column (?)


One datawindow in our PB12 application shows no data in a large text field. It shows OK on the same database in PB9.

The other difference is that it displays OK when I use a SQL Server 7 database which was the source for the 2005 one.

In the painter, the column is 4389 pb units wide in both databases, and in the db painter the display width is 0.000 for both. But it sure does "feel" wider in the 2005 one. That is when I select the column in the painter and then ctrl/left arrow to get a reasonable display, I have to do it for many seconds longer in the 2005 db before the right margin appears. What determines the default length of a text column in the datawindow? The actual data in the databases is never any longer than 20 or 30 characters.

When I create simple new datawindows with the troublesome column, SOMETIMES, I see the data, but with the left characters cut off. But that usually goes away pretty fast with subsequent attempts to get a nice column width.

Any advice?