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Mar 13, 2013 at 03:22 PM

consignment aging report


HI gurus,

i'm trying to build a consignment aging report via query. this is what i have come so far but i think i'm missing something here.can anyone guide me a little bit here.

I have used MKOL table to build the query, but i think there is another table probably which needs to be linked.

business scenario: lets say we receive 1000 LB on janmuary 1st, 1000LB on frebruary first, 1000LB on march1st. The consignment terms with the vendor is 60 days. So on march1st we are required to own the remaining quantity out of the 1000LB receipt from january1st, on april1st we are required to own the remaining quantity from feb receipt etc etc.

So basiucally the 60 day consignment term starts from the day of the receipt.

currently the query i have lists all the above but it only lists the most recent receipt, that is the receipt from the march1, but it does not show the receipt from january and feb. so i thought MSEG table needs to be joined, but there is no key to uniquely identify the records.

any help is gretly appreciated.